A piece of PiSoC for everyone – A new Kickstarter

Hi Everyone!

We’ve been hinting at it for awhile, and have had tons of people asking for when the board will be available, so we are happy to finally announce our plans.

We plan to launch a new Kickstarter in the next few weeks, with a focus on being able to create and tinker with easy to use hardware and software, no matter what your skill level. With support for Windows, OSX, Linux, and Raspberry Pi, the question isn’t how you’ll use it, but what you’ll make with it. We will be featuring several projects and tutorials to walk you through various projects.


After piloting the PiSoC in with over 500 kids in 7 different elementary  schools in New York, we can finally say we have created a product that is accessible to anyone, and limiting to no one. With the incredibly intuitive Scratch interface, kids were able to modify existing programs to use touch sensors (with fruit acting as buttons!), motors, LEDs, and  joysticks, and even create entirely new ones.

Along with that we have entirely revamped our Python interface to have as low a barrier to entry as possible.

Stay tuned for more announcements this week and the next! Also, we dropped the “R” in RPiSoC, since no one could figure out how to pronounce it!



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Published on: 1 May 2015
Posted by: admin
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