Utilizing the abundance of powerful resources available to the RPiSoC is designed to be accessible to inexperienced users, but it does this without compromising the potential for complex projects. Making your own projects with the RPiSoC is simple through utilization of the PSoC Creator software.


PSoC Creator is a free GUI-based design environment for Windows that is able to remove users from some elements of embedded programming that might seem arbitrary or unimportant, like the many intricacies of an initialization routine. It simply requires the placement of “components” that serve as reconfigurable libraries. As soon as you drag-and-drop one of these components into your project, all of those tricky initializations are immediately handled internally. Once you’ve dropped one of these wonderful components into your schematic, all you have to do to start using them is call any one of their many useful API’s from your C-code, all of which are well documented in their respective component datasheets. Take a look at this example of a component datasheet so you know exactly what you’re in for. You can even create your own components or download community developed ones, including some that we’ve already developed specifically for the RPiSoC.

You can go ahead and download PSoC Creator from Cypress right now and experiment with it, even without the board. Make sure to take a look at all the components to see just how much you can do right out of the box. Examples include multiplexers, digital filters, ADC’s, DAC’s, PWM, logic gates, all your favorite communication interfaces like UART, SPI, I2C, and so much more!

You can program the board over USB using PSoC Creator. But if you prefer the convenience of a JTAG programmer,  you can also use the Cypress MiniProg3 for programming and debugging.

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  1. donald (reply)

    April 4, 2015 at 9:37 pm

    how many bits resolution for the PWM, ADC and DAC please?
    Max clock and max full I-cycles/sec?
    don person

    1. admin (reply)

      April 7, 2015 at 10:15 pm

      For the full PSoC 5LP datasheet, check out this link (PDF):

      PWM: 16-bits
      ADC: 1 Delsig ADC at up to 20-bits, lower resolution lets you use faster sample rates. 2 12-bit SAR ADCS with 1msps sample rate
      DAC: 4 8-Bit DACs, with dithering for up to 12 bits
      The CPU is a ARM cortex-m3 at up to 67mhz. Keep in mind the PSoC also has CPLD blocks on board (Part of Cypress’s so called “UDB” blocks) which can be used for deterministic operations.

      All of these features can be used in PSoC Creator. A large subset of these are available in our Python and Scratch APIs, which can be used on Windows, OSX, Linux, and the Raspberry Pi.

      Stay Tuned for more info on availability. Thanks!

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Published on: 14 June 2014
Posted by: admin
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