PiSoC Inventor’s Kit

Designed for beginners and education, this kit includes the PiSoC and several accessories to get anyone ready to create fun electronics projects. We’ve used this kit with children as young as 9 years old and got them engaged and learning in no time. We plan to ship in October.

neopixel game

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  • PiSoC
  • Micro USB cable
  • Two 9g servo motors
  • Pan/Tilt bracket for motors
  • Joystick with 4 buttons shield
  • Neopixel RGB LED shield
  • Two Piezo buzzers
  • One Ultrasonic ranger
  • Wires for connecting fruit (or anything conductive) to use as input buttons!

All of our included accessories can plug into the PiSoC without needing a breadboard, taking the frustration out of putting projects together for beginners.

The kit also includes a free experiment guide. These 10 experiments will let you work your way up from complete beginner to experienced maker! All 10 experiments will allow you to easily interface your real world electronics with the intuitive Scratch programming language. Example experiments include lighting up LED’s to make multi-colored patterns (and learn how x-y coordinates can map to real life), or editing flappy bird to use a banana as input.

Windows, OSX, Linux, and Raspberry Pi compatible. All of these peripherals can also be used with our Python API as well.

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Published on: 9 July 2015
Posted by: Robert Barron
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