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New Projects and DIY PSoC Programmer

There are several new projects up on the Learning page to check out. Face Tracker – Track your face as you move around with the PiSoC and Raspberry Pi. DIY PSoC Programmer – Put together your own $20 PSoC 4/5LP Progammer and Debugger. Leap Motion Control – Use the Leap Motion to control peripherals (motors, LEDs, […]

Published on: 10 August 2016
Posted by: Robert Barron
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Face Tracker

  At last, a more detailed description of the Face Tracking camera! As you may have guessed, this project will use a pan/tilt mounted camera to find faces within a video stream, and then move two servo motors controlled by the PiSoC to place any detected faces into the center of the frame. This kind […]

Published on: 17 June 2016
Posted by: admin
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